Prison By The Road

I was traveling around the country in the late 90′s in my old Ford pick up truck. On one particular leg, coming out of Frisco, the truck broke down outside of Elko Nevada. I met a kindred spirit named Perry who fixed my truck up in his garage. I sat …

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Welcome Charli

The indomitable Charlotte Rose is in the world and Daddy has been busy. Look at how cute this little one is, just want to squeeze her. I’ll be filming a show at the Pig n’ Whistle in Hollywood on April 10th. Come down and sing along for posterity.

Great Pig Show

Down vibe, pre Oscar Hollywood Blvd ghost town. Love a gig like this. Played all new songs, great response, hushed room. Wish you were there. Thinking about doing some live concert footage from there in April. I’m taking requests. What do you think?


Welcome to the new site!  This is now the main place I’ll be — so if you want the latest of everything, come here — write on the wall to start. Listen to music of course, view videos, find out where I’ll be playing,  and more.  I’m very excited to …

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